The Carnaval da Sabrina, or Sabrina’s Carnival, is a reality show that follow up the brazilian artist Sabrina Sato, through the days before, during and after the Carnival. The show is on Sabrina’s YouTube channel and in GNT cable TV channel. Episode 3, the “during” carnival, was on air in the open TV Globo Channel, the biggest TV Channel in Brazil, on Sunday's night prime time. Carnaval da Sabrina is a production of Tilt.rec and Sato Rahal.
The project started with the logo. The bounce of the letters goes not only with the up and down, but also the counters rotate from vertical to horizontal. The wings ornaments are inspired by Sabrina’s costumes, and the protuberant “R leg” reminds of a walk movement.

First sketches were made in Procreate, than vectors were made in Glyphs and Illustrator. All the motion design was made by Larissa Constantino, in After Effects.
There is also additional letterings for the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, places where Sabrina travel to be on both Carnivals at the same night.
All assets for animations were designed by me and drawn in Illustrator. The moves are by Larissa Constantino in After Effects.
The support typography is Tomarik Display, by Mariya V. Pigoulevskaya/ The Northern Block.
Director: Beto Macedo
Executive Producers: Sato Rahal, Karina Sato, Gui Paiva, Lucas Cecílio
Art Director & lettering: Diego Maldonado
Motion Design: Larissa Constantino
You can check the reality show in four episodes at the Sabrina’s YouTube Channel
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