Diego Maldonado
March 2022 – Present
International School of London Qatar  Graphic Design Specialist
Part of the Communication Team, working with all kind of needs, from editorial to video, going through visual identity, events, social media, lettering and type design.

August 2018 – Present
.notdef type services  Founder & Type Designer
Developing typography related projects like type design, lettering, 
type education, type consulting and others.

May 2011 – August 2018
Just in Type  Partner
Partner of Tony de Marco designing Just in Type fonts.
Jun 2015 – Nov 2020
Instituto Europeu Di Design (IED) São Paulo – Typography Teacher
At the Editorial Design pos-graduation  and graphic design bachelor course.

Jan 2018
Miami Ad School São Paulo – Typography Teacher
Typography introduction to graphic design, art direction and copywriting students.

Apr 2013 – Sep 2015
Trip Editora – Deputy art director
Responsible for all custom magazines for tablets at Trip Editora. (
Clients like Audi, Itaú Personnalité, Shopping Cidade Jardim, Pão de Açúcar and others)

São Paulo University (USP)
Master in Design – 2019 to 2022

Instituto Europeo di Design (IED) - São Paulo
Typography – continuing education – with Claudio Rocha - 36 hours – 2011
Mackenzie Presbyterian University
Bachelor in Graphic Design – jan/2004 to dec/2007

Latin American Design Award 2019 – Bronze Award
Typography  – Couturier Poster
Clap 2019 – Premios internacionales de diseño
Typography for Titles – Couturier Poster
HiiiTypography 2018
Typography for Titles – Gold Award – Couturier Poster
Brasil Design Award 2019
Craft for design Popular Choice – Couturier Poster
Bienal da ADG 2019 (Brazilian graphic design biannual)
Typography for Titles – Couturier
Bienal da ADG 2017 (Brazilian graphic design biannual)
Typography for Titles – Sorvettero
Typography for Titles – Befter Sans
Bienal de Tipos Latinos 2016 (Latin type biannual)
Typography for Titles – Sorvettero
Bienal da ADG 2015 (Brazilian graphic design biannual)
Digital Design – Revista da GOL for tablets editorial design
(magazine for GOL Airlines by Trip Editora)

Articles published
Variable Fonts in signage: a typographic exploration
at São Paulo city signage from 1915 to 1973 (CIDI 2019) 
- in portuguese.
DiaTipo - on Typo 365 Vol. 1
More at: Medium
Typographic events organized
ATypI Conference São Paulo 2015
Member of the local comitee at ATypI São Paulo 2015,
one of the most important typographic event in the world
DiaTipo São Paulo
Along with Luiz Amorim, Rafael Nepô, Marina Chaccur, Érico Lebedenco and Milena Melguiso I organized DiaTipo SP 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2019 – the biggest regular typography event in Brazil. Always in december, national and international speakers like Matthew Carter, Toshi Omagari, Stephen Coles, Paul van der Laan, César Puertas, Vincent Connare, Erik van Blokland, Crystian Cruz, Tony de Marco and Marina Chaccur already were on DiaTipo SP stage. link

Hosted with Érico Lebedenco and one of the creators of a Brazilian monthly
show at YouTube, that talk about typography in general. From 2014 to 2017.
YouTube Channel - www.youtube.com/diacriticobr  
More about it - http://diegomaldonado.com.br/diacritico
Digital typography, market and licensing.
Presented at FAU-USP along with Erico Lebedenco, Daniel Sabino and Fernando Mello – São Paulo

Typographer, an occupation way beyond A to Z.
Presented at the week of design at ETEC Maria Augusta Saraiva – São Paulo

Magazines for Tablets: Future, present or past?
Presented at DiaTipo RS, Porto Alegre

Type design project (advanced)
A lecture about the process of designing type, presented at Garagem 01, São Paulo

Type Design tools, a universe beyond FontLab
Presented at the typography post graduation course at SENAC São Paulo.

Typography and stuff 
Invited speaker on Thiago Reginato's (@Tipocali) course at Belas Artes college (São Paulo - BR) on a lecture about typographic studies and type design

Type design project (basics)
I presented at Mackenzie University's design week, showing how a project of type design works.

Tupigrafia: from letterpress to retina screen 
I presented at FACAMP talking about designing magazines for tablets, through the project of the typography magazine, Tupigrafia.
Workshops I've been at
Python Kickstart (for Glyphs) - by Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer - 4 hours - dec/23 @ DiaTipo São Paulo 2023
Hinting Day - by Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer - 4 hours - dec/23 @ DiaTipo São Paulo 2023
Type in Motion - by María Cecilia Brarda - 8 hours - dec/22 @ DiaTipo São Paulo 2022
Advanced Glyphs - by Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer - 8 hours - dec/19 @ DiaTipo São Paulo 2019
Kerning & Spacing - by Toshi Omagari - 8 hours - dec/19 @ DiaTipo São Paulo 2019
Introduction to non-latin type design - by Fiona Ross - 8 hours - dec/18 @ DiaTipo São Paulo 2018
Variable wonder workshop - by Sami Kortemäki - 8 hours - dec/17 @ DiaTipo São Paulo 2017
Type design: designing letters - by Jean François Porchez - 8 hours - dec/15 @ DiaTipo São Paulo 2015
Glyphs 2 - by Georg Seifert & Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer - oct/15 @ ATypI 2015 São Paulo
Searching for the perfect typeface - by Henrique Nardi - 6 hours - ago/15 @ DiaTipo RS 2015
Type design for text and display - by Francisco Gálvez - 4 hours - may/2015 @ DiaTipo Campinas 2015
Superpolator3 - by Erik van Blokland - 1:30 hour - sep/14 @ ATypI 2014 Barcelona
Lettering for the Masses - by Ale Paul - 8 hours - aug/14
Brush Pen Letters - by Jackson Alves - 8 hours - jun/14
Visual Programming - by Gustavo Ferreira
(python programming/ Drawbot for graphic designers) - 20 hours - may/14
Basic Python Programming for Typeface Design - by Ben Kiel @ Cooper Union - 12 hours - apr/14
Hinting - by Vincent Connare - 6 hours - dec/13 @ DiaTipo São Paulo 2013
TypeCooker - by Erik van Blokland - 4 hours - dec/13 @ DiaTipo São Paulo 2013
Drawing Words - by Marina Chaccur - 12 hours - sep/2013
Tipocracia + Blackletra - Plinova - by Daniel Sabino - 12 hours - may/2013
From Calligraphy to Typography - by César Puertas - 6 hours - dec/2012 @ DiaTipo São Paulo 2012
Type Camp Campinas - by Marina Chaccur, César Puertas, Fernando Díaz, Felipe Cáceres and Laura Serra – 4 days 24 hours/day - sep/2012
Tipográfica Módulo 2 - Gravura Tipográfica //letterpress composition - part 2
by Claudio Rocha - 8 hours - jun/2011
Introdutória //letterpress composition - part 1 - by Claudio Rocha & Marcos Mello - 8 hours - jul/2010
Expressive Calligraphy - by Matheus Barbosa - 9 hours - jul/2010
Mentioned at
Typo 365 Vol. 2 – organized by Typo Magazine and ATypI.
Typo 365 Vol. 1 – organized by Typo Magazine and ATypI.
A Arte Impressa – Claudio Rocha
Tipografía Latinoamericana – organized by Vicente Lamónaca

Page Magazine (Berlin) – dec/13

Creative Market – Fresh Design Goods vol. 11 – with the typeface Sorvettero – link 
Coletividad – 30 depoimentos, dicas, livros e links para novos (e velhos) designers by Julio Fontes – link
Font Shop Blog – Tipos Brasileiros: The Brazilian Type Scene by Yves Peters – link
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